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About NJMC

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About National Jute Manufactures Corporation Limited

The Company has taken so many new initiatives viz. Adoption & Implementation of Modernization Scheme , Implementation of Innovation Scheme like Baxterisation of Spinning Frames , Introduction of Production contracts in place of labour contracts , Procurement of Modern Machinery like Spreaders, 4 ¾ inch SD Spinning Frames. All the three operating Mills have re-started production regularly under the new production–based contract and result achieved so far is encouraging.

In Aug 2013, decision was taken to select Transaction Advisor for conceptualizing the alternative plan for utilization of surplus land of NJMC Limited. NJMC is looking for its diversification of Jute Products in light of the global consensus in green revolution & eco-friendly products.


History of NJMC

The company formed through the nationalization of six jute mills, namely, Kinnison, Khardah, National, Alexandra, union, all in the state of West Bengal and RBHM Katihar in Bihar in 1980 is under the administrative control of Ministry of Textiles.

Due to financial losses the company was referred to the BIFR in August 1992. On 19th march 2010, the Cabinet finally approved the revival of NJMC Ltd. and on 31st March 2011, BIFR approved the revival scheme of NJMC Ltd.

The implementation of the revival scheme was supported by resuming operation in RBHM unit in January 2011 and was followed by re-opening of Kinnison and Khardah mills in September 2011.